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Hestia is pretty!

26th. Sep, 2005 | 27:11 pm
my breasts feel: bitchy bitchy

The frivolities in which students at the school indulge in are highly ridiculous. I myself discovered a gaggle of giggling third-years stuffing various items of clothing down their tops in order to enhance the size of their bosoms. This is the sort of thing that must be prevented; I myself have taken to binding my own bosoms back as the blatant sexualisation of the students does not provide a suitable environment for learning.

I've been patrolling the library lately. I've discovered Pince's system to be highly inadequate and I intend to inform her of it as soon as I am able. If only Dumbledore had employed someone with even only a basic regard for the Cutter Expansive Classification then perhaps we'd be getting somewhere - however, if there's something worse than a shoddy librarian then it's Men. Ha! If women ruled the world then perhaps we'd get something done around here!

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1st. Sep, 2005 | 29:07 pm
my breasts feel: flubberllyflubbleefwub flubberllyflubbleefwub

When it's SPRING! again,
I'll BRING again
Two-lips from Amsterdam!!!!!!

With a HEART that's true
I'll BRING to you
Two lips from Amsterdaaaaaam!!

yay people!

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21st. Aug, 2005 | 57:06 pm
my breasts feel: upright upright



(Which category do I fall into?????)

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13th. Aug, 2005 | 47:03 pm
my breasts feel: jelly-like jelly-like

I've been looking around the house and look what I came across!!

Hurrah for the Joneses!

It's the Jones family crest! Isn't it so so so so so so so so so so so so so pretty? (The woman isn't as beautiful as me.) The words around the edge say Papillae Aut Mori which is Latin! I don't speak any Latin but Daddy says that he'll send me to Brazil after I leave school if I want to go!

The Jolly Old and Very Posh House of Jones is a force to be reckoned with!!!!

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Thirteen - ooh! Unlucky!

31st. Jul, 2005 | 57:05 pm
my breasts feel: well-balanced well-balanced

Trixie!! I was out shopping today and I saw these and I just HAD to buy them because we're BFF!!! And I was going to just owl yours to you and it was going to be a big surprise but I just COULDN'T WAIT and I want to show everyone how we're super-close buds!

I wuv you, Bellatrix!

The way it works is that you have to wear one and I wear the other one and when you put each half together it makes the shape of a heart and it's charmed so that when we're thinking about each other it lights up and sings With A Little Help From My Friends which is a Muggle song! Isn't it the cleverest design EVER????

I've been having a jolly good summer holiday so far in Brighton!! I went for a walk on the pier and there were all these boys there who said that I was a danger to shipping!! (By that they meant that they thought my breasts were really big!) But anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing all my girlies and my potential boyfriends and soon as possible!! What a lark we'll all have when we're together once more!


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4th. Jun, 2005 | 15:09 pm
my breasts feel: saggy saggy


Today I found a HORRIBLE piece of parchment! I tried to open it because it was folded up, but it WOULDN'T OPEN!! So then I told it that it HAD to open because I was incredibly beautiful!! But then it started TALKING to me!!!!

Well, not talking, but it wrote some really mean things!

Anyway, I'll give you an example of some of the terrible things it said! Someone called Mr. Padfoot said that my breasts looked like fig rolls! Mr. Moony said that in ten years my breasts would probably be flopping around about my KNEES!! And Mr. Wormtail said that sometimes he didn't know which was my bottom and which were my breasts!!!

BUT!! And this is WORST OF ALL!!!!!




(  .   )(   .  )


I've NEVER been so insulted in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE!!!



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16th. May, 2005 | 52:05 pm
my breasts feel: heaving heaving

Well, Boy With Shaggy Hair Which Is Really Stupid And Actually Not That Attractive At All - I hope you're happy! Dyllis and Veronica are DISTRAUGHT about being rejected. DISTRAUGHT. And unhappy.

You even KNEW about Dyllis's low self-esteem, so I really don't know how you could be so HEARTLESS!

The next time I choose to show my breasts to someone, I'll have to make sure to choose a worthy candidate rather than some stupid BOY, who does stupid things like not look at my breasts.

I hope you lose all of your stupid Quidditch matches. I hope the only balls you get to play with in the future make up parts of your genitalia - if you even HAVE genitalia! Haha!

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27th. Apr, 2005 | 38:08 pm
my breasts feel: shelf-like shelf-like

:D :D :D :D :D

It's at times when your skin is bright pink that you find who your real friends are!!!

I will never try to improve Dyllis and Veronica again! Ever ever ever!

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19th. Apr, 2005 | 56:08 am
my breasts feel: floppy floppy


Change me BACK!!!!

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18th. Apr, 2005 | 29:09 am
my breasts feel: droopy droopy


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19th. Mar, 2005 | 56:11 pm
my breasts feel: wobbly wobbly

Oh! Oh!

There's a SEQUEL to The Beater's Wife, by the same author, Perditella Moondust! I can't WAIT to read it! My nipples are quivering in excitement like two little umbrellas!

In other news I have a STALKER! It's a Flufflehuff in our year and it's super annoying!! You know when someone you spend time with keeps talking and talking and talking and won't shut up and they're not even saying anything important or anything that you're interested in and a lot of the time they're not even making much sense and you want to tell them to go away and maybe make them talk to someone else but they just won't listen and keep on talking and anyway you wouldn't want to inflict them on anyone else because they're so stupid and you end up just wanting to hit them because they're not listening to a word you're saying???

It's like that.

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16th. Mar, 2005 | 01:11 am
my breasts feel: rising rising

Well! Everyone seems to be in a super grumpy mood lately so I decided to cheer everyone up and I thought for a long time but I couldn't think of anything but then I looked down and the answer was right before my eyes!

Emmy? Trixie? Regina? Ugly Freckled Redheaded Girl Who Admires Me Greatly?

We're going UNDERWEAR SHOPPING the next chance we get! We can buy lacy knickers and lacy bras and lacy garters and lacy tights and all sorts of other things that have lace on them!!

Regina darling, don't worry about never having been before. Madam Pushemup's specialist store in Hogsmeade does WONDERFUL THINGS! You'll be TRANSFORMED from a Flat-Chested Flora to a Jiggly Jennifer in no time at all! I bet that that will get you out of your nasty slump!

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9th. Mar, 2005 | 33:07 pm
my breasts feel: pert pert

I finally finished my book! It was really good and I'm going to get another one out of the library as soon as possible! (I won't spoil the ending for you but it was so interesting - and there was THE most unbelievable plot twist!)

I've had a lovely day. Five boys said I was pretty and one of them gave me his muffin at lunchtime! If he had been handsome enough, I'm sure he would have invited me to go with him to the next Hogsmeade weekend! He must have known that he was FAR too ugly for me to be seen with him! Haha!

Anyway, I must dash because little Davey Gudgeon did my Potions homework for me last night and I have to let him nuzzle my breasts as a reward!

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23rd. Feb, 2005 | 09:11 pm
my breasts feel: ample ample

I don't really read many books, even though my family is rather well-known in the literary world! After all, my Auntie Glinda writes horoscopes for Witch Weekly!

Anyway, I decided to start living up to the family name and become involved in literature, so I went to the library this afternoon and asked the librarian for a book! She seemed to be a bit of a Moody Margaret at first, but she finally took me to some shelves and got a book down for me!

I've started reading it already and it's really really good! It's called The Beater's Wife and it's about a model called Cecily who's married to one of the Beaters on the England Quidditch team, but she starts having an affair with a poor Hippogriff farmer called Hoyt who has nothing to offer her but his heart! I can really relate to Cecily because she has large breasts, just like me!

This is my favourite bit in the book so far! It's from chapter two, just before Cecily and Hoyt have sex for the third time!

I love this book!Collapse )

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20th. Feb, 2005 | 43:07 pm
my breasts feel: enveloping enveloping

I have reached the conclusion that I DESPERATELY need a boyfriend!

I realised this after noticing that it was becoming a bit of a bother switching between boys to carry my books to my lessons! If I had a steady boyfriend, there'd be none of this silly swapping about!

Of course, it seems rather unfair to deny lots of boys the opportunity to carry my books, but after a quick conference with Dyllis and Veronica, it became clear that there was nothing else we could do!

My boyfriend has to be handsome and charming and he has to buy me flowers every day. Short boys need not apply.

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14th. Feb, 2005 | 22:06 pm
my breasts feel: bouncy bouncy

Oh, I simply ADORE Valentine's day! It's the absolute BEST!

I got so many cards, from all of my admirers and they were all so incredibly sweet! Oh, I'm so GLAD that I'm beautiful and popular!

Moving on to more serious matters - Trixie, I think you should come and find me AT ONCE! Courtney and Gladys have been looking simply DISMAL all day, and I think that if we spent a lovely evening together giving each other manicures, they'd soon start to perk up!

After all, Trixie darling, it's not YOUR fault that nobody likes you enough to want to be your Valentine, is it??

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13th. Feb, 2005 | 40:11 am
my breasts feel: perky perky

I'm a bit late in getting one of these silly things, but that's because I wanted to get a TOP OF THE RANGE MODEL. And so I did, and it's much nicer than any of yours. Haha!

If you don't know me already, my name is Hestia Jones and I'm a Slytherin. We're super-mean! Grr! Anyway. On your left you'll see Dyllis and on your right is Veronica. Be nice to them, please. They're both very pretty.

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